Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
APR 29, 2016
TSB Document
RA3 RA4 Radio Enhancements This bulletin involves inspecting and updating the radio software, if required. Improvements: · Ability to communicate with Siri via UConnect. · Ability to press Voice Recognition (VR) button for more than one second.** A customer may experience one or more of the following conditions: · Poor or no connection to cellular network (U.S. market only). HVAC temperature out of sync with radio display (KL vehicles). Track names may be displayed twice in USB or SD media modes. · SD, USB or BTSA modes may become non-functional for a given ignition cycle. Duplicate song titles may be displayed in USB mode. Last track is displayed but next track is being played. · Navigation function may resets itself after using One-Shot VR. Intermittently the Global Positioning System (GPS) may lose its location for a short time and causes routing and positioning concerns. · GPS and Internal cellular device may become inoperative and causes a loss of GPS and cellular functions. · A false Pop-up message may appear Vehicle Phone Requires Service even though the vehicle?s phone works properly. · Back-up camera image may be unclear or jittery/stutters at times. · Enables Via Mobile software features when released to consumers (U.S. market only). · Able to adjust audio balance / fade settings during a VR session. · Correct condition where user could not exit screen off mode. · Mute button status was not being displayed correctly. · Presets where not shown correctly or were deleted. · Enhancements to POI. · ParkSense tone continuously on. · Enhancement to navigation routing. · Radio display may shows ?Please insert USB Stick?. · Enhancement made when video is display in radio when using PAL format video disks. · Corrected the temperature slider bar not updating on Manual Temperature Control vehicles. · Navigation may not start or may lose position. · Rear camera may show a black screen for 3 seconds upon going to rev