Date Published
AUG 13, 2015
TSB Document
RE2 RE3 RE6 RB4 RB5 RB6 Radio Enhancements This Bulletin involves updating the radio's software and if the vehicle is equipped with navigation (RB4, RB5 and RB6) the navigation software will also be updated. The customer may experience one or more of the following conditions: ? Improve FM radio reception. (This only applies to 2012 LX vehicles with RE6, RB6 radios located in Dubai). ? Audio muted after a cold start. This applies to all 2011 vehicles and only 2012 vehicles with software level earlier then 11.43.37. ? Phone screen buttons intermittently missing. ? Rear view camera screen may be blank. ? Improved rear view camera image. ? Radio presets and parameters returning to defaults. ? AM or FM audio mutes upon start up. ? Seek frozen, tuner locks up, unable to change stations (RE3 only). ? Radio resets (RE3 only). ? Presets are intermittently skipped (RE3 only). ? When playing MP3, iPod or USB songs, the screen will not always display the correct song title. ? Sirius Traffic/Weather Jump button improvement. ? Controls Screen popup time-out option has been added to settings screen (SRT only). ? Temperature and Oil pressure gauge enhancements (SRT only). ? Blind spot monitor chime enhancement. ? Radio Language Translation improvements. ? Navigation Language Translation improvements. ? Disable/Enable traffic announcement feature added (RB4 RB5 RB6). ? Garmin Voice Recognition (VR) enhancements (RB4 RB5 RB6). ? Garmin audio enhancements (RB4 RB5 RB6). ? Navigation map enhancements (RB4 RB5 RB6). ? Garmin stuck on loading screen (RB4 RB5 RB6). ? Traffic rerouting and icon enhancements (RB4 RB5 RB6). ? Incorrect map graphics on traffic circle (RB4 RB6 Right Hand Drive). ? Radio may reboot when Russian language keyboard used (RB4). ? Travel Link showing up as unsubscribed. ? Fuel Station routing issues. ? Heated seat greyed out. ? Navigation icon going backwards.