Date Published
MAR 31, 2015
TSB Document
RE9 Radio Software Enhancements This bulletin involves updating the radio and navigation software, if required. A customer may experience, one or more of the following conditions: ? Navigation screen locks up or display will be blank. ? Incorrect symbols displayed when entering destination using QWERTY keyboard. ? Navigation feature lockout disable. ? Navigation system resets intermittently. ? Translation improvements/corrections. ? System consistency and operational improvements for menu selections, month/date formatting, and Garmin translation functions. ? Radio system improvements during remote start operation. ? Unable to adjust radio volume using steering wheel switch intermittently. ? Second screen is blank when using split screen function. ? Add China phone book search. ? Some functionality changes for China- keyboard, search, sort and jump. ? Unable to add contacts to the favorite list. ? Unable to dial the phone from the radio, while still able to dial from the phone. ? Unable to delete a cell phone number from the favorite list. ? More space available for phone book entries. ? BlackBerry support for playing songs. ? Reduce ticking noise during CD/USB pause and VR is silent between prompts. ? VR unable to transition from Non-navigation to navigation mode. ? iPod screen is displayed with navigation screen. ? Asian language translation added. ? Highlighted preset continues blinking. ? Takes more then one button press to select preset #10. ? Unable to adjust volume from steering wheel switches. ? Clock adjust pop up message displayed in English rather than current language. ? Can not connect to the phone after it has been disconnect. ? Teleprompter screen shows incomplete text. ? Some functionality for traffic & weather jump button. ? After changing a language and then selecting CDDA ?of? is displayed as a tracking number. ? In ?Set Date Year? only 3 digits are displayed. ? Split map view will