Date Published
SEP 15, 2017
TSB Document
Flash: Hands Free Module Software Enhancements This bulletin involves reprogramming the Hands Free Module (HFM) with the latest available software. The customer may experience the following:HFM does not boot properly. "Hands-Free Module Loading" displayedon the head unit.TheHFM is inoperative and unresponsive to all user input.TheHFM is unresponsive and appears off the bus to wiTECH.Inaccurate foreign language translations.VoiceRecognition (VR) is sluggish after changing the language.IPhone®4 starts auto recording itself.Backgroundnoise from Automated Speech Recognition. When in Bluetooth® Streaming Audio (BTSA) mode, the display will show?Music paused connecting phone? while a song is beingplayed and without an incoming call. Wrong BTSA screen when deleting. Whenin Text To Speech (TTS), it will be a mix of the TTS and recording. IPod®touch, BTSA will not Audio Stream.Integratedcenter stack screen will display ?music paused? afterignition was cycled and BTSA was being used before the ignition wasturned off.AutomaticSound Recognition (ASR) Microphone picking up background noise.WithSales code RSQ, when the language is set for Italian and after theignition is cycled, the phone screens will change to English.No response from the VR button on the steering wheel.Notbeing able to enter into the phone screen on the radio.Technicians may find Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) U0197-00 Lost CommunicationWith Hands Free Phone Module, is set. Thecustomer may note when trying to select a non-supported language likeRussian or Portuguese, the Hands Free screen will default to English.The VR will default back to the last language (Italian, French, Spanish,German or Dutch) the customer was using.After the software update has been completed, both the hands free screen and VR will default back to the last language used.Enhancements now include all vehicles, not just internationalvehicles.The following software enhancement isincluded:VR Teleprompter