Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
APR 11, 2018
TSB Document
Some 2007-2016 Edge/MKX/Flex/MKT/MKZ/MKS/Taurus/Police Interceptor Sedan/Explorer/Police Interceptor Utility vehicles equipped with AWD and built on or before 30-Jun-2016 may exhibit a propane or natural gas odor during idle or low speed driving. This may be due to break down of the power transfer unit (PTU) fluid caused by excessive heat. If the source of the odor is identified as originating from the PTU, an idler bearing repair kit is available to repair the PTU. Refer to the Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 308-07. If the PTU is determined to be repairable, utilize kit GB5Z-7P258-A and the included instruction sheet. For claiming use causal part 7P258 and applicable labor operations in section 07 of the Service Labor Time Standards (SLTS) Manual.