This could result in engine surge when the accelerator pedal breaks free.

Vehicle Speed Control

Date Announced
DEC 27, 2000
Vehicles Affected
Ford Recall #
NHTSA Campaign #
Vehicle description: Sport utility vehicles equipped with 4.0L SOHC engines and still retain the original throttle body (part numbers 97jf-9E926ab or 97jf-9E926-ac). Some of the original throttle bodies installed allowed a gap between the plate and bore to be built too narrow. This reduced clearance allowed the engine deposits normally present in the throttle body to contact or bridge the gap. If the engine deposits bridged the gap between the throttle plate and bore and then hardened, on the initial application of the accelerator pedal after the engine has cooled, the operator would need to apply additional force to the accelerator pedal to break the bridge.
Dealers will replace the original throttle bodies.
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