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Crashes / Fires:
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Injuries / Deaths:
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Average Mileage:
28,953 miles

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problem #363

Dec 182019


  • 23,500 miles
Vehicle is 100% factory equipment.no changes made to vehicle. Current odometer 23,750 miles. Have experienced "death wobble" 3 times always while traveling about 70 mph. Extremely unsafe. Typically it begins travelling about 70 mph and contacting an expansion joint in the road or some similar uneven pavement. Truck front end begins shaking uncontrollably until speed is reduced to about 50 mph. Have done extensive research and know this is alarmingly common on 2017-18-19 F250/350. I personally have 2 friends who own 2018 & 2019 F-250 and both have experienced the same "death wobble". dealer states the needed part to repair problem is on backorder. Also stated currently there are 43K of these components on B/O. these numbers make it extremely apparent Ford has a huge problem with potentially thousands of unsafe vehicles on the road. The defect usually begins at 15K to 25K miles. As these trucks reach that threshold it will only be a matter of time until someone is killed or severely injured. It is imperative that Ford issue a national recall on these model trucks.

- Deer Park, TX, USA

problem #362

Jan 042020


  • 31,000 miles
Stock vehicle. While travailing on freeway front of trick started shaking severely. Slowed down to pull over and inspect. Thank goodness no one was around me at the time. Truck was swerving at 65 miles an hour. Pulled over to inspect. Did not see anything. Started back on freeway going slower. Shaking was gone. 2 weeks later same thing. On highway again. Same thing truck started shaking violently. Slowed to 25 mi per hr. Shaking subsided, resumed to slower speed. Ford needs to fix this issue. Reading about death wobble issues in Ford diesel NHTSA. Dealership told me to get in right away. 2nd person within a week to call for same thing.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA

problem #361

Dec 282019


  • 29,900 miles
I was on an interstate going into a gradual turn and went over an expansion joint which resulted in uncontrollable shaking of the front wheels and steering wheel. This forced me off of the road striking a curb and blowing out my right front tire. My truck had done minor shaking for several months when going over expansion joints. I have had 2 other violent shaking events when in excess of 55 mph. I will no longer drive above 50 mph in this vehicle as it is unsafe. Minor road irregularities are resulting in increased but controllable shaking at this point. It is worse when turning or on a curve. It still shakes even on a straight roadway at lower speeds just not as violently. The vehicle has less than 30,000 miles and tire rotation has been conducted as set out in the owners manual.

- Smithfield, VA, USA

problem #360

Sep 212019


  • 17,000 miles
When traveling at speeds over 50miles per hour, if the truck hits a bump it will start to vibrate and shake violently driver has to hang on and brake the truck down to 20to30miles per hour. Dealership knows of this problem and actually wrote on my paperwork death wobble. Replaced steering damper and adjusted air pressure which worked for awhile but happened again Jan 6 2020. First time wobble was end of Sept 2019 four times this has happened and it is very dangerous problem!! I do not trust the safety of this truck !

- Red Wing, MN, USA

problem #359

Jan 022020


  • 29,000 miles
Vehicle has experienced the well-known-by-Ford death wobble. First time was at approx. 29K miles. Took it to dealership and they too were well aware of this problem. They performed the known "fix" and vehicle was okay for a bit. The second time the problem occurred (approx. 40K miles), there was a palpable difference in the feel of the steering post-event. Subsequent to the first experience, I moved and the first dealership was over 100 miles away, so I took the vehicle to my local dealership (along with the paperwork from the first fix). Again, service techs were well-versed in the death wobble and they claimed that Ford had rolled out a new "fix" and that what the first dealership had done was incorrect. An extended warranty was purchased with this vehicle; however this dealership was unable to locate it and tried to charge me for this fix. Whether they could locate the warranty or not, this is a continued problem and the consumer should not have to pay for this fix at any point in the life of the vehicle. Several rounds of back and forth later, Ford finally agreed to pay. Within one month of this "fix", another death wobble occurred. The vehicle has been back at the dealership for almost a week, and we have again gone back and forth on payment. The dealership did finally locate the extended warranty, but again...the consumer should not have to pay as it is a Ford problem. All times that this has occurred, I have been traveling at a high rate of speed (over 70 mph) and am forced to immediately slam on the brakes and get to the shoulder. I am frequently towing items, and can't imagine how this would go down if it occurred in that instance. Ford continues to roll out these $75,000+ trucks knowing that this problem is not fixed. I now have, again, a $75K vehicle I feel is unsafe to drive. Dealership states they see this daily. How is this legal"?"

- Alba, TX, USA

problem #358

Jan 032020


  • 33,000 miles
Death wobble at 70mph on 4 lane state highway. I have to reduce speed to <35mph for it to stop. Happening more & more frequent.

- Sallisaw, OK, USA

problem #357

Dec 202019


  • 38,000 miles
While driving this vehicle and after hitting a bump or dip in the road the vehicle experiences the death wobble. It is even more pronounced while pulling a horse trailer and this makes the truck extremely difficult to steer much less retain control of. It has happened 3 times since I purchased this truck. The first two times were covered under warranty but now the truck has 38,000 miles on it and the repair is no longer covered. The last time it was repaired the part was supposed to be covered for 12,000 miles and the mileage on the truck was just over that mile marker and the dealer said it would not be covered this time. The latest part replacement is apparently on backorder and we are forced to drive this unsafe vehicle until we can get it repaired once again.

- Greenfield Center, NY, USA

problem #356

Jan 042020


  • 11,000 miles
When driving at approximately 50mph and coming into contact with any uneven spots in the road the truck will shake violently and jump up and down left and right so bad that it is impossible to do anything but hit the brakes.when the vehicle slows to about 30mph the shaking subsides and is fine until the next bump in the road.. it happened 3 times in 5 mins and in less than 1 mile distance on a state highway.. this is a serious problem and needs corrected before someone is killed.. the first time it happened I had about 8000 miles on my vehicle, it has happened 10 times since, every time at speeds greater than 50mph

- Mill Run, PA, USA

problem #355

Jan 012020


  • 26,000 miles
My F-250 had about 26,000 miles on it when I first experienced the "death wobble". while driving at 75 mph I went over an expansion joint on the interstate in ks. It was at this time the pickup started violently shaking and the steering wheel was dangerously difficult to control with the oscillation. After slowing to around 30 mph the oscillation stopped. The smell of burning rubber filled the cab. This same even happened two more times within an hour and a half. After the first incident I could feel the death wobble start in the steering wheel a second or less before the violent shaking started. All three times it occurred on the interstate at speeds of 75 and 70 mph. I do not trust the safety of this vehicle!!!

- Yukon, OK, USA

problem #354

Jan 062020


  • 20,000 miles
Ford repair shop called and said the issue was corrected. Test drove. Both the owner and service tech experienced the problem when driving the truck. Service tech placed truck back in the shop for further repairs. This is the fourth time for this repair with 20,000 highway miles on the truck. Issue was steering wheel vigorously and uncontrollably when encountering a slight imperfection on a straight, level, and paved highway.

- Brookland, AR, USA

problem #353

May 102019


  • 17,000 miles
Death wobble truck in motion, happens on highways and freeways when going over 65 mph and you hit a bump, shakes and loss of control have to come to stop to regain control. Started happening at 17K. Informed there was no fix. Endangers lives of all on board.

- Houston, TX, USA

problem #352

Jan 052020


  • 28,000 miles
I am reporting a suspension & steering problem with my 2017 Ford F-250 with 28,000 miles. The tires are in good condition and properly inflated. The vehicle has never been in a collision, had any frame work performed on it and the steering and suspension had been operating acceptably. While driving on a limited access highway at approximately 65 to 70 mph, the vehicle drove over a moderate bump in the lane. The front suspension and steering began shaking, vibrating and oscillating severely at a high frequency (relatively fast vibration). The shaking continued for a significant amount of time and it seemed impossible to steer as the suspension and steering shook. I took my foot off the gas pedal but was afraid touching the brakes would make the condition worse. There was little to no control of the vehicle while this was happening. The shaking/vibrating did not stop until the vehicle eventually slowed down. About a mile further down the same road the vehicle encountered another moderate bump at approximately 60mph and experienced the exact same condition. About 2 miles after that the vehicle encountered another minor bump and experienced the same severe shaking again. At that point, I operated the vehicle at about 50 mph (15 mph below the speed limit) and exited at the first exit I got to. I took local roads at speeds under 50 mph to return home. I have operated this truck and a 2020 Ford Explorer over this same road, in the same lane and over the same bumps numerous times and never experienced any problem with the Explorer or such a severe reaction with the F-250. With the 2017 Ford F-250, I have experienced the front of the vehicle jumping laterally when traveling over these bumps and others like them since the vehicle was new. These bumps are not deep potholes and are typical moderate bumps commonly encountered on many older highways.

- Creye, IL, USA

problem #351

Jan 032020


  • 36,800 miles
Driving approximately 65 mph on a dry road 01/03/2020 I went over a slight rough spot in the road. The front wheels immediately began to vibrate severely. The steering wheel was shaking out of control. I hit the brakes to slow down to approximately 35 mph when the vibrating wheels and the shaking stopped. This is the fourth time this has happened to over the two and a half years I have owned this truck. In reading about other complaints I do not understand why Ford is not addressing this problem. I am taking my truck to my Ford dealer on Monday to have them tell me what they are going to do about this issue. This could have easily caused an accident as the truck was violently shaking. People tend to panic and may have drastic reactions when something like this happens. We need to keep up the pressure on Ford to recognize this problem and fix it before somebody gets hurt or killed.

- Boise, ID, USA

problem #350

Jan 012020


  • 16,075 miles
I was travelling on the interstate at about 70mph. I crossed a bridge expansion gap, slight bump, and the steering wheel/front end of the vehicle vibrated so dramatically, I had to reduce speed and the vibrations stopped around 35mph as I moved to the shoulder. I took the truck to the Ford dealer to have it serviced and was told that this is a known/common problem and that they will not have the parts to fix the vehicle for six to eight weeks at best. I was also advised not to drive the vehicle with the existing steering stabilization problem and that I could buy after market steering dampening shock and linkage to fix the problem.

- Colorado Springs, CO, USA

problem #349

Sep 152018


  • 34,000 miles
Death wobble truck will shake violently after hitting bump over 65 mph and will not stop until you get slowed to below 50 mph. Ford replaced the steering dampener at 34000 miles and its out again at 55000. Was told by the dealer that they have 6 trucks sitting in service with the same problem and can not get parts to replace it. I have taken it to an aftermarket four wheel drive service center they replaced drop link, drag bar and steering dampener. And now I have put on a new set of tires it helped a little put at higher speeds it is still there. This is a serious issue

- Sand Springs, OK, USA

problem #348

Dec 242019


  • 31,000 miles
Drove over a small bump on the road and front end of truck started to shake so bad had to slow down to get it to stop.that shake was also felt in the steering wheel.I was driving down the road at 55 to 60 mph.

- Ripley, TN, USA

problem #347

Dec 272019


  • 34,000 miles
I own a 2017 Ford F-250 crew cab 4 wd and have a serious problem with a steering wheel shake while hitting rough road( death wobble). Steering shakes so violently that you almost loose control. It has happened at highway speeds and slower speeds. Vehicle is not safe to drive. Dealer gave me back the truck and said they will let me know when Ford has a fix for it. I have only owned the truck for a week and spent $40K for something that is not safe

- Killingworth, CT, USA

problem #346

Dec 012019


  • 40,000 miles
While driving the truck over 40 mph on uneven pavement or bumps in the road it will send the vehicle into a death wobble and uncontrollable all over the road. I contacted the dealership and was advised of many complaints but no recalls at this time. It is unsafe and dangerous on highways or any roads over 40 mph. We just purchased this truck 12/2019.

- Charlestown, IN, USA

problem #345

Jan 022020


  • 32,400 miles
My truck has developed the "death wobble". it has been in to the Ford dealer for repairs for this issue. The dealer performed the tsb from Ford and replaced the front stabilizer. That has failed to correct the issue. Yesterday, 1/2/2020, I was crossing a bridge when the truck went into the death wobble. The truck began to shake and vibrate violently almost causing me to wreck myself and another vehicle. The death wobble lasted about 20 seconds and stopped once I was able to slow the vehicle almost to a stop on a major interstate. This condition is well known by Ford but they have yet to find a solution. I paid $70K for this truck and I am now afraid to drive it for fear of my life and the safety of others.

- Winston Salem, NC, USA

problem #344

Dec 282019


  • 17,515 miles
Going 64 mph, I encountered a tremendous żdeath wobbleż that complete shook my truck so hard that the rear view mirror came off. It took about a 1/2 mile of decelerating too about 50 mph to stop the wobble. It occurred again about 1 mile down the highway. Seems to happen when the highway meets a bridge or overpass.

- Cincinnati, OH, USA

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