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On May 11, 1998, Ford Motor Company filed a defect information report concerning parking brake failure on certain 1999 F-350 Super Duty vehicles built at the Kentucky truck plant from January 26, 1998 through April 24, 1998; recall 98V-101.the reduction in parking brake effectiveness may occur on some of these vehicles, and is caused by the rust preventative coating the surface of the parking brake lining material which reduces the frictional characteristics at the lining and rotor interface.on March 13, 2000, ODI opened RQ00-010 on parking brake failures on 1999-2000 model year Super Duty F-series vehicles, on the basis of six failure reports on those vehicles.ODI now has 10 reports of parking brake failure on the 1999 subject vehicles, built outside of the recall population, including three crashes.the data in the above table does not include parking brake failures on the recalled 1999 F-350 vehicles.the data received from Ford in its response to the RQ00-010 information request, revealed a high failure rate for the 1999 F-450/550 vehicles (1200R/100K), and a high failure rate of the 1999 F-250/350 vehicles, manufactured outside several of the recall build is recommended that an engineering analysis be opened to address the parking brake problem in the 1999 model year Super Duty F-series vehicles.
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