Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
MAR 19, 2018
TSB Document
Various 2016-2017 vehicles with SYNC 3 may experience a touch screen that does not respond to any input. Using the Professional Technician Society (PTS) website > OASIS tab > SYNC version, verify the vehicle SYNC software version. If the vehicle is at version 2.2 please update the module to the latest software level. After the software is updated make sure you shut the vehicle off, open the door for 2 minutes, then turn the key back on before testing the touch screen. If the software is at a later version than 2.2, proceed with normal diagnostics in Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 415-00. For claiming, use causal part 14G371 and applicable labor operations in section 10 of the Service Labor Times Standards (SLTS) manual.