Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
FEB 14, 2020
TSB Document
SSM 48551 - 2020 Various Vehicles Equipped With SYNC 3 Various SYNC Performance Related Concerns Some 2020 Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 may exhibit various performance related concerns such as: intermittent frozen or blank screen, voice prompts with excessive pause between words, remote start not able to be scheduled from Ford Pass or Lincoln Way, Sirius Travel link not working properly, CarPlay not launching on connection or a black screen when connected. To correct this condition, check for SYNC software update on FDRS or Oasis under SYNC the section. If an update is available, refer to WSM section 415-00 to update the APIM software. If the problem persists after programming or no update is available, refer to WSM, Section 415-00 for diagnosis. For claiming, use causal part 14G371 and applicable labor operations in Section 10 of the Service Labor Time Standards (SLTS) Manual.