Affected Component: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

Date Published
MAR 09, 2020
TSB Document
SSM 48619 - Various Vehicles - Perimeter Alarm Armed And Original Vehicle Keys Cannot Be Accessed to Enter Vehicle - CAN Protection Strategy Some 2013-2016 Model Year Vehicles may exhibit a concern in which the Perimeter Alarm is active and the original keys cannot be accessed to disable the perimeter alarm. This concern would most often occur when a customer loses keys and the dealership is attempting to program new keys to the vehicle. The Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 419-01A Perimeter Anti-Theft Alarm - System Operation and Component Description has been updated to inform of the Controller Area Network (CAN) Protection Strategy. Follow the procedure outlined to prevent replacement of the Body Control Module (BCM) on CAN Protection Strategy equipped vehicles when original keys are lost and perimeter alarm is active. Refer to the WSM for further detail on the CAN Protection Strategy. Lost keys and replacement of BCM for lost keys is non-warrantable.