Affected Component: POWER TRAIN

Date Published
SEP 21, 2023
TSB Document
Some 2017-2023 Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with a 10R60/10R80/10R80 MHT/10R100 transmission may exhibit a whine noise at idle and/or while driving. This may be identified as coming from the bellhousing and the front of the transmission fluid pan. The whine noise may become louder when the transmission is at operating temperature and may increase with engine revolutions per minute (RPM) in the park (P) position. A small amount of whine noise is considered to be characteristic of the 10R60/10R80/10R80 MHT/10R100 transmissions due to the offset gear drivetrain in the front support and has no effect on durability. Use the Report a Vehicle Concern link at the bottom of OASIS to submit a report if there is a customer concern of whine noise describing operating conditions and noise severity.