Date Published
MAR 06, 2015
TSB Document
This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician about vehicles that may have Service Engine Soon Malfunction Indicator Lamp on. Technician may find a Diagnostic Trouble Code P0017 may be set current or history. Technician will need to follow published Service Information and all technical services bulletins for Diagnostic Trouble Code P0017. If Service Information diagnostics do not lead to a resolution to the concern there six other reasons Diagnostic Trouble Code P0017 can be set. First the tech should check the timing of the engine. Second issue may be a crank timing gear has a loose fit to the crank follow the current version of PIP3694. The third issue may be the crank end play is excessive see the current version of PIP3694. The forth issue is the cam actuator solenoid is restricted or screens are missing, see current version of PIP3694. The fifth concern may be a cam actuator is sticking, check the current version of PIP4913. And the sixth concern could be low oil pressure or oil contamination, refer to the current version of PIP4913.