Date Published
OCT 02, 2013
TSB Document
13310 - Service Update (bulletin cancelled). General Motors is cancelling Service Update Bulletin (SUB) 13310. After further investigation, it has been determined that some of the vehicles originally involved in SUB 13310 will not have the seatback condition. The following is an explanation of the status of vehicles involved in SUB 13310. Vehicles that may display the seatback condition, but have not had the repair in SUB 13310 performed, will be transferred to Noncompliance Recall 13323. These VINs will show a closed status for SUB 13310 in IVH on October 3, 2013. Vehicles that were built prior to August 1, 2013, will not have the seatback condition. These vehicles will not be transferred to Noncompliance Recall 13323 and will show as closed in IVH October 8, 2013, which will allow dealers to submit warranty transactions on vehicles that have already been repaired. Do not repair any additional vehicles under SUB 13310.