Power Train:Automatic Transmission:Gear Position Indication (Prndl)

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Six of the ODI complaints are duplicative of the manufacturer complaints, as well as four of the crashes.the noted injury occurred when a rollaway vehicle that had been inadvertently parked in neutral struck the exiting operator.the warranty claim count shown for "other" represents incidents where Honda's analysis of claim detail indicates the interlock system malfunctioned.the interlock system utilizes a lever to block ignition key removal when the transmission is not in park.Honda has identified a wear condition of the interlock lever that can cause the system to malfunction; when wear occurs the key can be removed from the ignition while the shifter is in a non-park position.Honda documents indicate that a manufacturing process may be the cause of interlock lever wear, and that this process was revised in January of 2001.an engineering analysis will be opened to further investigate this concern and its scope.
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