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Hyundai is conducting two safety recalls to correct two safety defects described below.under safety recall 08V-532, Hyundai will install a vinyl protective shield/cover to prevent short circuits in the air bag control module cause by spills of liquids that seep into the module connector. This action applies to 78,369 MY 2001 vehicles (built through 4/26/2001).the air bag control module connector in MY 2001 vehicles built after 4/26/2001 is covered by the improve the integrity of the side impact air bag wiring harness under the driver and front passenger seats, Hyundai will install new clips and revise the wiring harness attachments under safety recall 08V-533.this applies to 150,541 MY 2001 through MY 2002 vehicles (built through 12/18/2001).Hyundai upgraded the wiring harness routing/connector clip on MY 2002 vehicles built after 12/18/2001.Hyundai designed the subject vehicles (under safety recall 08V-532) such that the air bag control module connector is located directly below the center console cup holders.spillage of liquid from cups placed in the cup holders may contaminate the control module and the connector and prevent proper deployment of the air addition, in the subject vehicles under safety recall 08V-533, Hyundai located a wiring harness for the side impact air bags under each front seat.movement of the seat or placement of objects under the seat may disturb the electrical connection in the side impact air bag wiring circuit.for each of the above described conditions, the air bag warning light will illuminate when the vehicle diagnostic system detects a fault.this investigation identified several crash reports (two fatal and 17 crash reports resulting in nine injury reports) that included allegations of prior air bag warning light illumination and non-deployment of the air bags, which are not included in the failure report summary.this engineering analysis is closed (see recalls 08V-532 & 08V533).
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