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In certain model year (MY) 2001 and 2002 vehicles, the air bag system is susceptible to air bag light illumination and air bag non-deployment or inadvertent deployment from liquid contamination of the air bag control module.the control module is located beneath and near center console cup holders.ODI is also aware of complaints regarding air bag light illumination due to loss of proper air bag electrical integrity in wiring and connections located under the front seats.under investigation PE08-017, Hyundai provided 472 owner reports and 9,108 warranty claims related to these issues for MY 2001 and 2002 vehicles built through 12/14/2001.ODI is also aware of six incidents of seat belt pretensioner/air bag inadvertent deployments due to liquid address the above issues, on 04/25/2001, Hyundai added a carpet cover/shield over the air bag control module connector area and upgraded the cable routing and attachment points to improve the electrical connections on vehicles built after 12/14/2008.this preliminary evaluation is being upgraded to an engineering analysis (EA08-012) for further investigation of certain MY 2001-2002 subject vehicles built through 12/14/2002.
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