Electrical System
Electrical System:12v/24v/48v Battery
Electrical System:12v/24v/48v Battery:Cables
Electrical System:Alternator/Generator/Regulator
Electrical System:Propulsion System:Traction Battery
Electrical System:Starter Assembly
Electrical System:Starter Assembly:Relay
Electrical System:Starter Assembly:Solenoid
Electrical System:Wiring
Electrical System:Wiring: Rear Compartment/Trunk
Electrical System:Wiring:Front Underhood
Electrical System:Wiring:Fuses And Circuit Breakers
Electrical System:Wiring:Interior/Under Dash
Engine And Engine Cooling
Engine And Engine Cooling:Cooling System
Engine And Engine Cooling:Cooling System:Fan
Engine And Engine Cooling:Cooling System:Hoses/Lines/Piping/Fittings
Engine And Engine Cooling:Cooling System:Radiator Assembly
Engine And Engine Cooling:Engine
Engine And Engine Cooling:Engine:Diesel
Engine And Engine Cooling:Engine:Gasoline
Engine And Engine Cooling:Engine:Gasoline:Belts And Associated Pulleys
Engine And Engine Cooling:Engine:Gasoline:Turbo/Supercha

Date Announced
Vehicles Affected
NHTSA Campaign #
During this Preliminary Evaluation (PE), the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) assessed the scope, frequency and potential safety-related consequences of non-crash vehicle fires caused by both engine failures and failures of other vehicle systems/components in model year (MY) 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe vehicles equipped with Theta II and Lambda II engines (approximately 1.3 million vehicles). ODI also reviewed field data of other Hyundai vehicles equipped with Theta II, Gamma, Nu and Lambda engines (approximately 4.8 million). As a result of this PE, Hyundai has issued NHTSA Recalls 20V-746 and 21V-727 to address potential engine failures and fires in certain Hyundai vehicles equipped with various engine types. Additional information on these and other related recall actions is available in the downloadable version of this resume available at NHTSA.gov. In addition, ODI has upgraded this PE to an Engineering Analysis (EA) 21-003 which will focus on potential recall scope concerns and recall remedy concerns related to the engine failure rewlated recalls mentioned above and conducted previously. See the EA21-003 Opening Resume available at NHTSA.gov for more information. Also available in the downloadable version of this resume is a list of the reference numbers for the 302 ODI reports, or Vehicle Owner Questionnaires (VOQs), cited above which ODI received through mid-November 2021. Note that the Manufacturer reports cited above are customer complaints received through March 2019.
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