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Hyundai has received 49 reports from customers stating the frontal air bags did not deploy in a crash for the subject vehicles.examination of suplimental information provided to ODI by the manufacturer for the reported cases it appeared that the necessary air bag deployment threshold was not met.there have been no fatal incidents or reports of serious injury as a result of being in a frontal crash and the air bags not view of the foregoing, it is unlikely that NHTSA would issue an order for the notification remedy of a safety defect in the subject vehicles as defined by the petitioner at the conclusion of the investigation requested in the petition.therefore, in view of the need to allocate and prioritize the NHTSA's limited resources to best accomplish the Agency's safety mission, the petition is denied.for further details, refer to ODI's response to the petitioner published in the federal register vol. 68, no. 148, dated August 1, 2003.
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