Affected Component: TRAILER HITCHES

Date Published
APR 01, 2016
TSB Document
TUCSON (TL) TOW HITCH REPAIR HARNESS (RECALL CAMPAIGN 142) Description: The 2016 Tucson (TL) is available with an accessory trailer hitch and accompanying wiring harness. For affected vehicles with this accessory installed, when the vehicle¡¦s engine is running and the brake lights are illuminated, if the turn signal is activated the trailer¡¦s turn signal lamp may either: „h Remain continuously illuminated (not flash), or „h Turn off. If an affected 2016 Tucson equipped with the Hyundai accessory tow package is driven with a trailer, it is possible that the trailer lights would not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. A failure to notify other vehicles of the driver's intent could potentially increase the risk of a crash.