Affected Component: ENGINE (PWS)

Date Published
JUN 27, 2016
TSB Document
SITUATION: THE ENGINE MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP (MIL) MAY BE ILLUMINATED. UPON DIAGNOSIS, THE TECHNICIAN MAY FIND DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES (DTC) RELEVANT TO THE MID-CATALYST AND POST-CATALYST HEATED OXYGEN SENSORS (HO2S) -- P0036, P0037, P0038, P0042, P0043, P0044, P0054, P0055, P0056, P0057, P0058, P0060, P0061, P0062, P0063, P0064, P0136, P013A, P013C, P013E, P0141 , P0141, P0142, P0143, P0144, P0147, P014A, P0156, P0157, P0158, P0161, P0162, P0163, P0164, AND/OR P0167 -- STORED IN THE POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM).