Date Published
MAR 31, 2016
TSB Document
Hands Free Module Prompts Begin Erroneously This bulletin involves diagnosing and based on outcome, either performing a USB flash or replacing the Mopar accessory Hands Free Module (HFM). A customer may experience the Uconnect prompts begin to play without pressing the Voice Recognition (VR) button. The prompt may repeat itself two or three times before exiting. The customer satisfaction enhancements are included with this software release. NOTE: After the HFM has been updated it will receive these enhancements: · Reduced ?Device Reading? wait time after connecting a device to the remote USB port. · Call / dial separation improves upon names being recognized as phone numbers. · Improved sound quality during Bluetooth streaming. · Increased iPod and iPhone compatibility. · SMS messaging support via Mobile Application Part (MAP) protocol (not all phones support the MAP protocol). · Added ?None of These? and ?Correction? to the phone book prompt menu for better handling of similar names. · Previous button will return the song currently being played to the beginning of the track. · AirPlay feature ?Dock Connector? no longer needs to be manually selected on Apple devices. This will resolve the ?No Audio? condition when the device is connected to the remote USB port and dock connector is not selected. NOTE: USB mode resume will no longer 'resume' after ignition is OFF.