Affected Component: BACK OVER PREVENTION

Date Published
OCT 11, 2019
TSB Document
SENSOR, Blind Spot Detection (XAN) For blind spot detection sensor inoperative concerns please verify the following prior to sensor replacement: 1) Verify sensor is positioned correctly. Remove rear fascia and ensure that the curved face of the sensor is facing outward towards the fascia; the label should not be visible if installed correctly. Curved face should NOT be facing the chassis. 2) Verify that the rear bumper is clear of any obstructions then cycle the ignition. 3) The vehicle should be driven on the road and pass/be passed by vehicles on both the left and right sides. For further assistance, please contact Ben Heckathorn at (248) 444-7815 or Bing Guo at (248) 500-7355. If no response in 15 minutes, proceed with repair.