Affected Component: AIR BAGS

Date Published
OCT 23, 2019
TSB Document
Dealer Package: Follow-Up Owner Notification Letter Mailing Date The Campaign Follow-Up Owner Notification(s) will begin in Late October 2019. Owner notifications will be sent over a period of several weeks consistent with parts availability. To ensure customer satisfaction, Lexus requests that dealers complete Safety Recalls/Special Service Campaigns on any used vehicles currently in dealer inventory prior to customer delivery. However, if the campaign cannot be completed (for example, due to remedy parts availability), delivery of a covered vehicle is acceptable if disclosed to the customer that the vehicle is involved in a Safety Recall/Special Service Campaign. Lexus expects dealers to use the attached Customer Contact and Vehicle Disclosure Form to obtain vehicle buyer information. Dealers are expected to provide a copy of the completed form, along with the most current FAQ for that campaign, to the vehicle buyer. Lexus and the dealer may use this information to contact the customer when the remedy becomes available.