Date Published
NOV 07, 2016
TSB Document
TSB: Some 2015 - 2016 Lexus IS models, NX models, ES models, CT 200h, GX 460, RC models, or 2015 GS models and LS models equipped with navigation (version less than V1##8910), may exhibit one or more of the following conditions: * Voice Recognition is inoperative * Same XM channel icon is used for different channels * Loss of traffic information at times when using Lexus Enform * There is traffic incident mark "!" on the map screen, but no info on the traffic incident screen * iPod scroll is stopped changing by tune knob * After correction of text in Quick Message15, the corrected text is displayed in Quick Message13 * Navigation system reboots intermittently * Navigation system reboots after receiving errant weather data * Some screens with clock information show 12:00 as 0:00 Some 2015 Lexus CT 200h, IS, NX, ES, RC, GS, and LS models equipped with navigation (version less than V1##8872), or GX 460 vehicles equipped with navigation (version less than V1##8871) may exhibit one or more of the following conditions: * Navigation system becomes frozen/has no response or slow response * Missing or incorrect HD Traffic incidents and/or flow data shown on the screen * Resetting of the navigation system * iPod Error is displayed with Apple device connected to the USB port * Song Title is not updated when using Siri * Display is blank after a Bluetooth? Audio device is connected * No audio sound after completing a phone call * Navigation system resets when playing an "Audio Book" on a CD * Unable to load multiple destinations when using destination Assist feature * HOME button does not work * Reset while making a turn off of the highlighted route