Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:12V/24V/48V BATTERY

Date Published
FEB 02, 2016
TSB Document
LSB: A battery in a stored vehicle is subject to conditions that can reduce its performance and life. These conditions include storage period, temperature, parasitic drain, and battery load. Because of these factors, battery inspection and maintenance are required in order to ensure proper operation and optimal battery life. As a matter of policy, Toyota does NOT provide warranty coverage for discharged and/or failed batteries due to lack of maintenance. It is the dealer?s responsibility to maintain specified State of Charge (SOC) of the vehicle?s battery while in stock and assure proper State of Charge (SOC) at delivery. To eliminate customer service concerns due to an undercharged battery during the first few weeks of ownership, all dealers should check battery State of Charge (SOC) and recharge, if necessary, within 48 hours of delivery to customers.