Air Bags:Side/Window

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ODI has identified 173 complaints alleging inadvertent or non-crash deployment of side air bags on model year (MY) 1999-2003 Lincoln Town cars.most of the complaints allege that one of the side air bags deployed while driving without any impact.analysis showed that MY 2001 through early MY 2003 Town cars have much higher complaint and warranty claim rates (138 complaints and 120 warranty claims) than the remaining vehicles (35 complaints and 32 warranty claims).Ford changed its supplier of the side crash sensors for the MY 2001 Town cars.Ford states that the algorithm in the MY 2001 Town cars is different from the previous model year's design, and that it is designed to provide improved occupant protection in moderate speed side pole December 2002 (I.e., early MY 2003 vehicle production), the crash sensors were moved from the floor of vehicle to near the base of B-pillars in order to reduce the incidents of inadvertent side air bag deployments.this preliminary evaluation has been upgraded to an engineering analysis (EA03-014) for MY 2001-2003 Town cars built before December 2002.
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