Date Published
SEP 13, 2021
TSB Document
All Mazda Connect vehicles in new car inventory must be updated to the software version listed below in this TSB as part of the New Car Ready Step 3 process. Make sure the new vehicle specialist receives a copy of this bulletin. Some vehicles may experience the symptoms mentioned below, which can be fixed with the latest software update (Version 74.00.230 or later). NOTE: For 2016 CX-9 with version earlier than 59.00.441, the tachometer function will be removed from the Active Driving Display as part of Mazda�s continuing efforts to improve safety and reduce driver distraction. Please explain this to the customer before updating the software. If the customer agrees, turn off the tachometer display on the AD-Display tab in MAZDA CONNECT Settings before performing the update. NOTE: If the customer has customized MAZDA CONNECT with something like a different background using unauthorized software, make sure they know the following information before updating MAZDA CONNECT to avoid any issues later on. Updating MAZDA CONNECT to the latest version will erase any customization created by unauthorized software. Unauthorized customization software will not work on the latest version of MAZDA CONNECT software. The latest version of MAZDA CONNECT software cannot be rolled back to an earlier version. Mazda does not recommend unauthorized customization of MAZDA CONNECT due to the possibility of unexpected problems. Any issues related to this will not be covered under Mazda warranty policy.