Affected Component: SERVICE BRAKES, AIR

Date Published
JAN 03, 2019
TSB Document
Some customers may report a slight clunk/bang/buzz noise or jolt from the front of the vehicle. This concern will most likely occur during the vehicles first forward movement after starting the engine. This is a normal operating noise of the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). Do not attempt any repairs. If you encounter a customer complaint for this concern, explain that the noise comes from the ABS/TCS/DSC "Malfunction Detection Function" initial check and that there is no problem. This initial checkis a necessary function to ensure the normal operation of the ABS/TCS/DSC system. It occurs when the vehicles first moves forward under the following conditions. NOTE: Some customers may describe that the noise does not occur all the time. It does occur all the time, but the sound is more likely to be heard on a slow start and not on a quick start (quick acceleration) when engine noise is louder.