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Based on the review of Mazda's investigation and testing, examination of two failed field units (a headlight switch and a combination switch), and telephone interviews of several complainants, it appears that the headlight lead wire which is attached to and located just below the turn signal lever, can be stressed from cycling the turn signal lever and result in fatigue breakage of the wire.complaints stated that the headlights went off duringoperation in model year (MY) 1995 Protege vehicles when using the turn signal and/or while just driving (e.g., going over a small bump).several complainants contacted by ODI stated that sometimes the headlights did not come back on after going off until the driver successfully jiggled the turn signal lever or the headlight wire harnes (I.e., re-make electrical connection of a partially broken wire).permanent loss of headlights can occur when the wire is completely broken.in July 1995, about the start of MY 1996 production, Mazda changed the material of the headlight lead wire to increase durability.no similar complaints on MY 1996 Protege vehicles have been reported to ODI or Mazda.
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