Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
JUN 30, 2020
TSB Document
Lamp unit fogged or droplets forming. Due to the vent openings, the lamp unit is an "open system". This means that acidic gases, moisture, dirt and exhaust gases can penetrate it. This can result in deposits on the diffuser and lens. Check housing cover of lamp unit for natural fogging or dew as per GI82.10-P-009047. . 1. If a reduction in the degree of fogging is visible, the desiccant packs can be used once the condensation has completely evaporated. 1.1. Order the required service covers by referring to the variant overview. 1.2. Remove lamp unit 1.3. Remove all grommets from vent openings. 1.4. Seal vent openings with sealing profile. Important: All openings must be sealed carefully for the pressure compensation membrane to work properly! 1.5. Remove existing service cover 1.6. Place desiccant packs in new service covers and bolt down 1.7. Stick new diaphragm onto specified surface on service cover [picture of service cover] Note: The bonding surface must be clean and dry. 06