Steering:Hydraulic Power Assist:Hose, Piping, And Connections
Steering:Hydraulic Power Assist:Power Steering Fluid

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The hose clamp used to secure the power steering fluid cooling hose to the steering fluid cooler may not provide sufficient clamping force for the connection.the loss of power steering fluid may result in gradual reduction in power steering assist (I.e., increased steering effort) over time, with potential damage to the power steering pump. There have also been a few incidents of hose separation from the fitting, that have resulted in more rapid reductions of power steering.testing conducted by Mercedes-Benz indicates that the leaked fluid is not likely to be exposed to hot engine components.there are no known allegations that the defect condition has caused a vehicle fire. Mercedes-Benz will conduct a voluntary recall campaign for the subject M-class vehicles.Mercedes-Benz will install a new hose clamp on the power steering hose to the power steering cooler of the subject vehicles.during clamp replacement, the power steering cooling hose will be inspected and replaced as necessary.
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