This could result in an underhood fire.

Vehicle Speed Control

Date Announced
AUG 03, 2007
Vehicles Affected
Mercury Recall #
NHTSA Campaign #
On certain pickup trucks, passenger vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and motor homes chassis, the speed control deactivation switch may, under certain conditions, leak internally and then overheat, smoke, or burn.
Dealers will install a fused wiring harness. Owners of the passenger cars included in this campaign will be instructed to return their vehicles to their dealers to have the speed control deactivation switch disconnected as an interim repair. As soon as repair parts are available (expected October 2007), owners will be instructed to return to the dealers for installation of a fused wiring harness. The recall began on August 13, 2007, and mailing completed by September 19, 2007. Owners may contact Ford at 1-888-222-2751.
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