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The subject wheel (new for MY 2003) is used on Crown Victoria (cv) and Grand Marquis.complaint data indicates that wheel failure affects primarily the commercial specification cv model (police and taxi) which has unique design characteristics and is generally subjected to higher usage demands.during Ford's analysis, it was determined that cyclic bending moment fatigue could cause rim cracks to occur in the heat affected zone adjacent to the circumferential weld.Ford implemented changes in wheel manufacture in September 2002 and introduced a new wheel design with a thicker rim in April 2003.ODI found evidence that indicated rapid crack propogation might have occurred in seven wheel failure incidents, two of which lead to tire debeading.Ford has announced that 29,946 commercial spec cv vehicles, manufactured prior to the September change, will be recalled to have the April 2003 design wheel installed.ODI will continue to monitor for wheel failures in the subject vehicles not covered by the recall.
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