Date Published
AUG 01, 2016
TSB Document
"N14 ENGINE TIMING CHAIN AND TENSIONER: LIMITED WARRANTY EXTENSION TO 7 YEARS/100,000 MILES. INFORMATION As part of a Class Action Suit Settlement for the vehicles listed above (""Class Vehicles""), MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC, is extending the limited warranty for the engine timing chain and tensioner to: 7 years/100,000 miles as determined by the vehicle's original in-service date This component-specific limited warranty extension applies to: Defects in materials or workmanship; and this Extended coverage is subject to the same vehicle eligibility requirements, limitations, and exclusions that apply to the MINI New Passenger Car Limited Warranty. For the eligible MINI vehicles, the limited warranty extension applies to the: Timing Chain (1) Timing Chain Tensioner with Seal Ring (4) In conjunction and when necessary, the parts listed below may only be claimed when there replacement is required to ""properly"" perform a covered repair of the timing chain and/or tensioner: Guide Rail (2) Tensioner Rail (3) Timing Chain Tensioner Seal Ring (5) Crankshaft Sprocket (6) Guide Rail (11) Bearing Bolt with Washer (13) Washer (14) Bearing Bolt with O-ring (15) O-ring (16)Note: This bulletin is a notice of a component-specific ""limited warranty extension as part of a Class Action Settlement. This is NOT a notice of a Recall or Service Action. There is no immediate repair required unless the MINI vehicle is currently experiencing a problem with the timing chair and/or tensioner."