Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
AUG 01, 2013
TSB Document
Incorrect Customer Relations Telephone Number Is Saved in the Vehicle. The customer is not connected to MINI Customer Relations after dialing the number displayed in the vehicle Kombi or radio. CAUSE During the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), the incorrect telephone number is being written into the vehicle. INFORMATION 1. When performing the PDI test plan, it is extremely important that you select MINI if the ISID is configured for both BMW and MINI. 2. After completion of the PDI test plan, verify that the customer relations number stored in the vehicle is correct. 3. The correct customer relations phone number is 1(866) 275-6464. 4. If the number stored in the vehicle is incorrect and the correct test plan was used, contact your 3g Administrator and have him or her verify the number stored in the ISID. 5.This picture shows the correct number stored in the Combox control unit. Note: To read out telephone number: