Date Published
FEB 16, 2017
TSB Document
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INITIATIVE 2G TELEMATICS HARDWARE REPLACEMENT This bulletin applies only to vehicles equipped with a navigation system. SERVICE INFORMATION On February 26, 2016 Nissan announced that it was sending a reminder notification to owners affected by AT&T?s planned discontinuation of the 2G cellular network. At this time, Nissan is beginning the process of making 3G compatible hardware available to owners of affected vehicles as identified above. This upgrade may require an owner to make a copayment in order to receive the 3G hardware update. Please refer to the Claims Information below to determine if an owner co-pay is required. This customer satisfaction initiative will cover some or all of the parts and labor cost required to upgrade the vehicle?s telematics hardware to be 3G compatible. You MUST use Service Comm to confirm bulletin Applicability. Dealer?s Responsibility It is the dealer?s responsibility to check SERVICE COMM using the appropriate Service Comm I.D. for the status on each vehicle falling within the range of this customer satisfaction initiative which for any reason enters the service department. If a vehicle subject to this customer satisfaction activity was part of a dealer trade, the letter associated with that vehicle should be forwarded to the appropriate dealer for upgrade completion. NOTE: - Vehicle eligibility will be viewed on the second page of Service Comm. This activity is not displayed on the main page of Service Comm because it is optional for customers to participate. - Vehicles without Navigation are ineligible as they are not equipped with TCUs.