Date Published
DEC 17, 2019
TSB Document
Engine Control Module (ECM) Reprogram California Voluntary Emissions Service Campaign ***** Campaign Summary***** Nissan is conducting a Voluntary Emissions Service Campaign on approximately 104,221 specific Nissan vehicles identified in Service Comm and currently registered to owners in the state of California to reprogram the Engine Control Module (ECM) in the event that a permanent diagnostic trouble code (P-DTC) for P0448, P0101, P2008, or P0087 is recorded in the ECM. Due to calibration errors on the affected vehicles, the ECM may improperly store a permanent diagnostic trouble code (P-DTC) even though the emissions on-board diagnostic system is functioning properly. As of July 1, 2019 the State of California has implemented a revised Inspection Maintenance (I/M) or “Smog Check” test program. Without the software update, the subject vehicles may not pass this Smog Check test in those areas of California where such testing is required under state law. This incident has no effect on the safety, performance, drivability, or fuel consumption of the applicable vehicles. ***** What Dealers Should Do ***** 1. Verify if vehicles are affected by this Voluntary Emissions Service Campaign using Service Comm or DBS National Service History – Open Campaigns I.D.  P9328 – Affected Model Year 2015  P9343 – Affected Model Year 2016  P9345 – Affected Model Year 2017  P9347 – Affected Model Year 2018  P9349 – Affected Model Year 2019 2. Dealers should remedy any affected vehicles in dealer new or pre-owned inventory to ensure customer satisfaction.