Date Published
SEP 23, 2020
TSB Document
NISSAN; VIBRATION AND/OR NOISE WHEN MAKING LOW SPEED TURNS IF YOU CONFIRM There is a vibration or judder feeling from the rear of the vehicle during the following conditions: ï?· When making turns ï?· On dry roads ï?· At low speeds (under 40 MPH) And ï?· The above vibration does not occur if the Electric Controlled Coupling is electrically disconnected. NOTE: In some cases, electrically disconnecting the Electric Controlled Coupling may not eliminate the vibration as described above. In these cases, further confirm the incident by removing the rear propeller shaft and retest. If the vibration does not occur with the rear propeller shaft removed, the incident is confirmed. IMPORTANT: Tire size, brand or tread pattern mismatches can cause similar symptoms. To avoid tire related mismatch vibration, it is recommended that when tires need to be replaced, all tires are replaced at the same time with tires of the proper size, same brand and pattern. See ACTION on page 2.