Affected Component: WHEELS

Date Published
JUL 23, 2013
TSB Document
SERVICE INFORMATION - This bulletin is to assist you in responding to customer questions about brake operation, and provides diagnostic and repair information for each item listed, if any should occur. - Most brake incidents fall into the following categories: a. Brake Noise: A squeak, squeal, clunk, or groan that occurs when the brakes are applied or released. b. Brake Judder: A vibration that can be felt in the vehicle, steering wheel or brake pedal when the brakes are applied. c. Pedal Feel: The effort needed to operate the brakes is too high or too low. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Verify the condition by road testing the vehicle with the customer. 2. Determine the specific brake incident based on the description in the Service Information above. 3. Follow the appropriate repair procedure(s), listed on the following pages, for your specific incident. See this bulletin for further details.