Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
JUN 16, 2023
TSB Document
12 VOLT BATTERY TESTING FOR IN-SERVICE VEHICLES SERVICE INFORMATION The following Service Information lists NNA procedural recommendations for establishing good connections while performing 12V battery testing. These recommendations are expected to promote uniformity during the connection process, therefore reducing the number of incorrect “Test with DCA” and “Replace” results. HINT: If 12 volt batteries are allowed to discharge for a prolonged period of time, battery life may be drastically reduced. This condition may lead to premature battery replacement and customer dissatisfaction. IMPORTANT:  CPX-900 is now an accepted testing tool to use along with or in place of the DSS-5000  CPX-900 operating instructions are found at:  DSS-5000 operating instructions are found at:  DCA-8000 is now a required testing tool to be used for all warranty replacement decisions. The DCA-8000 is also a more efficient charger than previously available, and will charge any available 12 volt lead acid battery safely and accurately as long as all precautions and inputs are made correctly. The DCA-8000 operating instructions are found at: