Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Date Published
JAN 15, 2019
TSB Document
2018-2019 ARMADA AND PATHFINDER; DISPLAY CONTROL UNIT SERVICE INFORMATION SERVICE INFORMATION If the Display Control Unit (DCU) needs to be replaced on an APPLIED VEHICLE for any reason, follow the steps in the SERVICE PROCEDURE to: - Confirm proper diagnosis and repair with TECH LINE to obtain DCU order approval. - Place the order with DENSO. - Configure the Multi AV system. NOTE: - The original DCU must be installed in the vehicle while performing part of this procedure. DO NOT remove the original DCU until instructed. - The DCU order approval process does not apply to 2017 Pathfinder vehicles. TECH LINE authorization is not needed for 2017 Pathfinder vehicles. For 2017 Pathfinder vehicles, refer to NTB16-104. - This process does not apply to 2017 Armada vehicles since it uses a different system.