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In January 2004, Nissan received reports of power sliding doors coming open while driving.Nissan determined that at temperatures below 40 degree F, an out-of-spec door actuator could bind and prevent the door latches from fully engaging.this can lead to the door coming open unexpectedly.Nissan notified NHTSA by letter dated April 1, 2004, that it is conducting a safety recall campaign (NHTSA no. 04V186) on MY 2004 Nissan Quest vehicles with power-sliding doors produced from March 26, 2003 to December 17, 2003.Nissan modified the acutator door motor on vehicles built after December 17, 2003 for reasons not related to the inadvertent door opening issue.Nissan reports that vehicles built after December 17, 2003 are not subject to the failure mode that causes inadvertent opening.ODI's review of the ODI owner reports with known build dates (7 of 9 reports, plus one report received prior to Dec 17 but with unknown build date) indicates that complaint vehicles were manufactured before the door actuator improvement date (Dec 17).also, Nissan reports no complaint vehicles with build dates after December 17.Nissan's action addresses the concerns of ODI.therefore, this investigation is closed.
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