Affected Component: SUSPENSION

Date Published
DEC 07, 2018
TSB Document
2014 - 2019 ROGUE; SQUEAK/CREAK NOISE FROM FRONT SUSPENSION BOUND BUMPER DRIVING OVER BUMPS IF YOU CONFIRM Using the flow chart on page 2, a squeak/creak noise is heard coming from the left or right front suspension bound bumper when driving over speed bumps or similar road surfaces. NOTE: This squeak/creak noise, if it should occur, is more noticeable in cold weather. ACTION Replace the front suspension bound bumper, only on the side that is making noise. - Refer to the appropriate Electronic Service Manual (ESM) for replacement information. SUSPENSION > FRONT SUSPENSION > REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION > FRONT COIL SPRING AND STRUT > Removal and Installation. - Pages 4 - 6 in this bulletin contain helpful information to perform this procedure. - Make sure to replace the one-time-use nuts listed in the PARTS INFORMATION. - Check the front wheel alignment; adjust to factory specifications as needed. NOTE: DO NOT apply lubricant to the bound bumper to resolve this issue.