Affected Component: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

Date Published
OCT 24, 2019
TSB Document
2014-2020 ROGUE; NO AIR FLOW FROM VENTS DUE TO SNOW BUILD-UP IF YOU CONFIRM Or the customer states there is no air flow from any of the HVAC vents And There is snow build-up in and around the blower motor air inlet, behind the cowl. ACTION 1. Remove all snow, water, and debris from the blower motor inlet, cowl area, and where the blower motor mounts. 2. Clean or replace the blower motor as needed. 3. If the blower motor does not work on all speed settings, replace the variable blower control (fan resistor). 4. If not already equipped: Install the cowl and wiper pivot filters listed in PARTS INFORMATION on the last page of this bulletin.