Affected Component: EXTERIOR LIGHTING

Date Published
FEB 26, 2016
TSB Document
SERVICE INFORMATION Occasionally customers may notice water vapor or fog in the headlamps. The information, illustrations, and flow chart in this bulletin are provided to help you in determining if an incident for water/condensation in the headlamps is normal or not. Nissan?s new vehicle limited warranty does not cover physically damaged (cracked or broken) headlamps. All current headlamp assemblies are vented to the atmosphere (not sealed). - This is necessary to allow for expansion and contraction of air from temperature "variations" (warmer or colder) without damage to the headlamp. - Moisture in the air sometimes "travels" into and out of the headlamp assembly through these vents. - Certain environmental conditions may cause moisture to condense. - The fogging/cloudiness should disappear over time when the headlamp is in a dry environment. See this bulletin for further detail.