Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

Date Published
OCT 08, 2015
TSB Document
IF YOU CONFIRM The customer states HomeLink will not operate or has improper operation. ACTIONS 1. To significantly reduce unnecessary repairs, make sure: a. The vehicle is not in "Transit Mode" (if equipped). - Not in Transit Mode: With the turn signal switch is in the OFF (center) position, turn the ignition from OFF to ON. If the turn signal indicators stay OFF (do not illuminate), the vehicle is not in Transit Mode. b. The "Extended Storage Switch" (if equipped) is in the "Customer Delivery" position (pushed in). - The Extended Storage Switch is located on the fuse block that is located in the interior of the vehicle. 2. Confirm the customer is familiar with the HomeLink programming procedure located in the vehicle?s owner?s manual. 3. Test HomeLink operation with special tool HomeLink Transmitter Tester J-41540. See this bulletin for further detail.