Date Published
OCT 22, 2018
TSB Document
SECURITY ALARM SOUNDS AFTER USING MECHANICAL KEY TO UNLOCK DRIVER DOOR SERVICE INFORMATION Applied Vehicles listed above are no longer equipped with a door unlock sensor and/or Body Control Module (BCM) software to provide support for the door unlock sensor. Normal Functionality For Vehicles Built Without Door Unlock Sensor And/Or BCM Software To Support Door Unlock Sensor For Applied Vehicles built after the Applied Dates listed on page 1, using the mechanical key on the driver door will operate differently than vehicles built before the Applied Dates. For these later models, the BCM will not recognize operation of the mechanical key. If a mechanical key is used to lock the driver door: - The security system will not set. If the vehicle is broken into, the alarm will not sound. - Only the driver door will be locked. Other doors will not lock using the mechanical key. If a mechanical key is used to unlock the driver door: - Only the driver door will be unlocked. Other doors will not be unlocked. - If the security system is set, when the door is opened the alarm will sound. NOTE: Using the Unlock button on the Intelligent Key, pushing the request switch on the driver or passenger door with the Intelligent Key in range, or using the Intelligent Key to start the vehicle will silence the alarm. The mechanical key will not operate the power windows.