Date Published
DEC 04, 2019
TSB Document
Engine Control Module (ECM) Reprogram Voluntary Emissions Service Campaign ***** Campaign Summary***** Nissan is conducting a Voluntary Emissions Service Campaign on approximately 30,528 specific MY2018-19 Versa Note (E12) vehicles identified in Service Comm to reprogram the Engine Control Module (ECM) to remedy issues related to grill shutter malfunction detection and Permanent-Diagnostic Trouble Code (P-DTC) clearing. The affected vehicles are equipped with an improperly calibrated ECM that in some situations may not illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) as required for a grille shutter malfunction, and thus may not properly detect a grille shutter malfunction. Additionally, the calibration may not allow a P-DTC to clear when it should, which may prevent successful completion of an Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) test in California. ***** What Dealers Should Do ***** 1. Verify if vehicles are affected by this Voluntary Service Campaign using Service Comm or DBS National Service History – Open Campaigns I.D. P9336. 2. Dealers should remedy any affected vehicles in dealer new or pre-owned inventory to ensure customer satisfaction.  - New vehicles in dealer inventory can also be identified using DBS (Sales-> Vehicle Inventory, and filter by Open Campaign).  - Refer to NPSB 15-460 for additional information 3. Dealers should use NTB19-112 to correct any vehicles subject to this campaign. 4. Once remedied, dealers should submit the claim, using the claims coding provided, and release the vehicle.