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Analysis of ODI and GM data has identified 14 incidents of rear trailing arm failures in model year (MY) 1997 through 1999 GM U-vans, including two that allegedly resulted in crashes. The trailing arm design in these vehicles is used in the U-vans from MY 1997 through 2003.according to GM, the subject trailing arms can crack or buckle if they have been damaged during assembly, pre-delivery handling, or certain service related abuse conditions (e.g., improper towing or jacking).GM identified a parts handling concern that was causing some trailing arms to be damaged prior to address this concern, GM implemented changes to the shipping containers from January 1999 through September 1999. Eight (8) of the reported incidents in MY 1997-99 U-vans, including the two crashes, occurred in the last 2 years.this investigation has been upgraded to an engineering analysis to assess the trend and safety risk associated with the alleged defect.
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